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Nov. 1993 Lauren Bon, A Little Like Herself
Feb. 1994 Mary Bowman, Women in Architecture: Mary Bowman, Sheila Marshall, Jane McCoy, Mellissa Merryweather, Charlotte Raleigh, and Catherine du Toit
March 1994 Anna Cutler, The Vanishing Room
April 1994 Ranko Bon, Works
May 1994 Sanja Jurca-Avci, Space: Stage (acting, Gina Landor)
June 1994 Goran Djordjevic, Salon de Fleurus: Historical Myth
July 1994 Stephan Silver, La danse de l'architecture
August 1994 Mark Jessett, New Works
Oct. 1994 Rebecca Hossack, Aboriginal Paintings: A Selection
Nov. 1994 Lauren Bon, The Language of Making, and Geoffrey Powis, Recent Architectural Projects
Dec. 1994 Gill Kofman, Two New Plays (acting, Gina Landor, Frank Wood, Damien Young)
Feb. 1995 Za' Hazzanani, Male Nudes, New Photographs, and Kevin Allison, Female Nudes, Watercolors
March 1995 Henry Vinson, An Evening at the Framery, Hoxton
May 1995 Bob White, Absence of the Body, New Paintings, and Selcuk Avci and Elvan Erdin, Food and the Language of Making, Turkish Delights
July 1995 Lutz Becker, Two Films: "Film Notes No. 1," Student Cultural Center Belgrade, and "Malevich Suprematism"
Oct. 1995 Lauren Bon, Valery Bennett and Misa Papic, New Sculpture, Photographs, and Paintings
Dec. 1995 Lucy Le Feuvre, Sculpture
Feb. 1996 Ranko Bon, Oriental Carpets
March 1996 Selcuk Avci, Wetlants Conservation Center, Slimbridge (Millennium Project)
April 1996 Lutz Becker, Recent Paintings and Prints: A Score and a Half
June 1996 Stuart Brisley, The Naples Arrangement (In Bits and Pieces), performance
August 1996 Jan Coutts, The Consequence
Nov. 1996 Ranko Bon, New Works
Feb. 1997 Christine Merton and Lauren Bon, Sculpture and the Nomadic Aesthetic in Contemporary Art
May 1997 Yolanda Sonnabend, Michel Tournier: In Search of a Portrait
July 1997 Recently Discovered Portraits by Kazimir Malevich Dated 1985, Opening and Lecture by Lutz Becker, "Some Problems with Dating of Malevich's Paintings"
August 1997 Misa Papic, Drawings
Jan. 1998 Lauren Bon, Sculpture
June 1998 Felicity Powell, Drawings
July 1998 Yolanda Sonnebend, Constructions
Oct. 1998 Ranko Bon, New Works, and Leo Lazic, Photographs
Feb. 1999 Yuriko Ogawa, Drawings
Sep. 1999 Julian Bell
Oct. 1999 Dan Crowe
Nov. 1999 Lauren Bon
Dec. 1999 Meta-Salon: Discussion on the Salon's Future; Form and Time, Butterfly, The Belfast Project
May 2000 Ansel Krut in discussion with Tim Hyman (in conjunction with Ansel's concurrent show at the George Adams Gallery in New York)
July 2000 Discussion with Susan Morris
Aug. 2000 Bringing Down the House: Summer group show at 28 Artesian Road (artists included are Lauren and Ranko Bon, Nick Kirkham, Lisa Le Grove, Kierin McCauley, Felicity Powell, and Yolanda Sonnabend)
Nov. 2001 Malevich Portraits
April 2002 "Ascend | Descend" Yuriko Ogawa - Drawings, Lauren Bon and Carmela Herman - Work in Progress.
July 2002 "Sculpture and Wall-Cut Drawing" Megan Goltermann and Chris Nau.
Nov 2002 "Semaphore". Lisa Le Grove & Louise Adkins - Lisalouise.
April 2003 Discussion with Felicity Powell about her Installation at the Victora & Albert Museum.
July 2004 Screening in Topanga, CA, of 'Drawn from the Well', Felicity Powell's Video of her Installation at the V & A Museum.
Jan 2008 Chora group of artists considering their Arcadia project and the creative value of an artists' retreat with Marina Warner, Mark Jones of the V&A and James Lingwood of Artangel.
Dec 2008 Discussion with Max Stafford-Clark, director of the Out of Joint Theatre Company and two of his writers, Stella Feehily and Robin Soans, exploring concepts of Arcadia, a possible collaboration and the processes of creating “verbatim” plays
Feb 2010 Discussion of Ansel Krut's exhibition at Modern Art – a walk through with Ansel at the gallery followed by a conversation led by Deanna Petherbridge at Artesian Road.
Nov 2010 Discussion of the meeting points between the worlds of artists and anthropolgists led by Arnd Schneider and Chris Wright, co-editors of the newly published Between Art and Anthropolgy.


1995 Lutz Becker, Lauren Bon, Ranko Bon, Goran Djordjevic, Mark Jessett,Misa Papic, Salon de Fleurus, Kathy Soles, Henry Vinson
1996 Lutz Becker, Lauren Bon, Ranko Bon, Jan Coutts, Goran Djordjevic, Mark Jessett, Misa Papic, Salon de Fleurus, Kathy Soles, Henry Vinson
1997 Lutz Becker, Lauren Bon, Ranko Bon, Jan Coutts, Goran Djordjevic, Rachel Inman, Mark Jesett, Linda Karshan, Jasna Nikolic, Misa Papic, Salon de Fleurus, Kathy Soles, Henry Vinson
1998 Lutz Becker, Lauren Bon, Ranko Bon, Goran Djordjevic, Mark Jesett, Misa Papic, Salon de Fleurus


Jan. 22, 1996 Goran Djordjevic, A Touristic Journey of an Art Ameteur Through Nineteenth-Century Paris
Feb. 5, 1996 Rachel Inman, Thirty Days on St. James's Pilgrimage Route in Northern Spain
April 28, 1996 Bojana Pejic, The Body in Communism: Tito, the Body-of-Power
May 6, 1996 Michael Fehr, Text and Context: Developing a Museum by Reflecting Its History
Nov. 18, 1996 Mary Weatherford, New Works: Crying Girls
Dec. 2, 1996 Ranko Bon, Salon: Whence & Whither?
July 1, 1997 Lutz Becker, Some Problems with Dating of Malevich's Paintings
Oct. 1, 1997 Ed Wilmsen, An Artist from Botswana: An Interpretation
May 21, 1998 Rebecca Rickman, An Inquiry into the Aesthetic of the Small
July 27, 1998 Ranko Bon, The Future of Cave Art (in conjunction with the EAST International Exhibition at Norwich Gallery, Norwich, Norfolk, July 11 - September 5, 1998)
July 12, 1999 Giuseppe Mastruzzo (Salon lecture based on Ph.D. dissertation delivered at Yolanda Sonnabend's; Giuseppe's paper on the same topic, entitled "The Hidden Name of Our Story: Hayez and Delaroche" appeared in Word & Image, Vol. 16, No. 1, January-March 2000, pp. 91-105)


Sept. 10, 1996 Ranko Bon, Book launch of Residua, Vols. I-XX, 1976-1995, Selections
Jan. 20, 1997 Mislava Mikelic and Anna Huber, An Evening with Two Violins, and Giles Prince, Futurist Cocktails
June 27-28,1997 First Hereford Salon Symposium, Illusion of Freedom; speakers: Ranko Bon, Goran Djordjevic, Judith Schoneveld, and Giuseppe Mastruzzo; participants: Selcuk Avci, Lutz Becker, Lauren and Marko Bon, Sue Malvern, George Perendia, Geoffrey Powis, Giles Prince, Simon Rae-Scott, Paul Rhys, and Helen Wilks
Feb. 23, 1998 Mardi Gras Party
March 23, 1998 Discussion of Linda Karshan's drawings on show at the Redfern Gallery, Cork Street, from March 3, 1998.
April 17, 1998 Art dinner
July 11, 1998 Gina Landor, A reading of stories of Troy, Helen and Her Sister, text by Andrew Rissik (edited and performed by Gina Landor)


Aug. 14, 1995 Selcuk Avci, Lutz Becker, Lauren and Ranko Bon, Richard Gott and Sanja Jurca-Avci, First Conversation on Art Institutions and Their Future
Sept. 11, 1995 Vivien Ashley, Selcuk Avci, Lauren and Ranko Bon, Maya and Stuart Brisley, Second Conversation on Art Institutions and Their Future
Sept. 25, 1995 Selcuk Avci, Lutz Becker, Lauren and Ranko Bon, Richard Gott, Lucy Le Feuvre, Sanja Jurca-Avci, Third Conversation on Art Institutions and Their Future
Jan. 6, 1996 Lauren and Ranko Bon, Rhona Edelbaum, Joanne and Bob Hertz, Linda Janger, Los Angeles Conversation on Art Institutions and Their Future
April 15, 1996 Lutz Becker, Lauren and Ranko Bon, Giles Prince, Simon Rae-Scott, Yolanda Sonnabend, First Conversation on the Spiritual in Art in the Context of Lutz Becker's Work


1996 Jasna Nikolic
1997 Mislava Mikulic


1998 Giuseppe Mastruzzo


2007 Ralph Rugoff

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