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Lauren Bon


With Ayla, Lauren Bon explores ideas of womanhood and the sense of being a naked newborn in the presence of Velásquez's Venus. The working title of the piece was originally 'Rockabye', playing upon Rokeby and journeying to find our place in the world.

The reflections in the sphere mirror the age old puzzle of the impossible image in the painting's looking glass.

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Ayla by Lauren Bon


'The Toilet of Venus' or 'The Rokeby Venus' by Diego Velásquez hangs in the National Gallery in London The Toilet of Venus by Diego Velásquez


Lauren created her image by combining a studio shot with a spherized version of the painting user layer masks in Adobe Photoshop®. studio shot of Lauren and the sphere


An early sketch in which Lauren worked with the dancer Pippa Buckingham, clarified not only the need to tighten the composition, but also Lauren's need to be part of the image as these works are fundamentally the artist's personal exploration of her ideas. an early sketch with the dancer Pippa Buckingham


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