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Lauren Bon


Maat combines elements of two paintings of 'The Agony in the Garden'. The first by Andrea Mantegna provided the context of a"perfect world" with its city backdrop and the second by Giovanni Bellini, the reflection of Christ in the sphere.

"...if you check out the National gallery website and look at the Sainsbury wing, they've preselected many paintings that do show these perfect worlds as I'd like to use them....look at the Mantegna painting there..."
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Maat by Lauren Bon


'The Agony in the Garden' by Andrea Mantegna. National Gallery, London The Agony in the Garden by Andrea Mantegna


'The Agony in the Garden' by Giovanni Bellini. National Gallery, London The Agony in the Garden by Giovanni Bellini


Lauren used layers and spherizing in Adobe Photoshop® to combine the two paintings and the hand and sphere. As she worked, Lauren became increasingly aware of the importance of the detail in both paintings. It's not just the clear symbols of the angels, but the very rocks themselves prefigure the events to come. The "perfect worlds" to which she was drawn are not just beautiful backgrounds, but vital players in the context of the unfolding drama. Spherized portion


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