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Lauren Bon


Margherita offers the sense of floating in the cosmos over the bell jar of a renaissance world.

"The crux: I don't know if you know the beginning of the book the Master and Margerita, but Margerita floats in and above the world in this book and it is this quality that I'm looking for--being in and out--a kind of birth canal experience"
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Margherita by Lauren Bon


'The Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor' by Gerard David. National Gallery, London The Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor by Gerard David


By using Adobe Photoshop® filters and layer masking, Lauren has been able to combine the energy of the intense colors of the interior world of the painting and its sense of crystalline separation from the exterior world in which she floats and observes.

The complexity of this image produced a number of blind alleys such as the early sketch below, before the elegantly simple solution resolved itself.

Studio shot of Lauren with the sphere


Of the early sketch she wrote, "I feel that more needs to be made of the juncture between inside the sphere of the painted Renaissance world and the cosmos I'm floating in from. There should be an inside/outside the egg feeling here. We are close but not yet there. I'm thinking that perhaps the London skyline that we put into the picture should be outside the "egg" of the Renaissance image. I don't think I should be floating in from a void."
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An early sketch


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