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Ansel Krut: Promenade


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(Ansel Krut was also exhibiting at the George Adams Gallery in New York City and some of his paintings were on display on the George Adams Gallery's web pages at

Giants by Ansel Krut

'Giants: A Description'
© Ansel Krut 2000

Nude Somersaults by Ansel Krut

'Nude Somersaults'
© Ansel Krut 2000

Parrot Exorcism by Ansel Krut

'Parrot Exorcism'
© Ansel Krut 2000

Lake with Witch & Monster by Ansel Krut

'Lake with Witch & Monster'
© Ansel Krut 2000

She Bird by Ansel Krut

'She Bird'
© Ansel Krut 2000

Lessons Learned from Animals by Ansel Krut

'Lessons Learned from Animals'
© Ansel Krut 2000

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