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Lauren Bon & Carmela Herman

Work in Progress



'Carmela in Flight' © Lauren Bon 2002
QuickTime Movie (2.8 mb)


Lauren was fascinated by the way Carmela could use the beach rings to transcend the limitations of earth - in the manner of Saint-Exupéry's heroes, man and machine conquering a new world. Striving
Lauren and Carmela agreed to work on a project using video to explore and capture the quality of movement, energy and expression Carmela could achieve on the rings. As a trained dancer, Carmela choreographs her performance, translating energy and tension into drama and beauty. The split second of this video grab shows both the strength and the grace of her work. Carmela sailing
In editing the video to emphasize these qualities, Lauren was also struck by the ambivalence of the rings - one moment bright and airy and the next sinister. Reversing the sound track - serendipitously - underscored this sinister aspect. Sinister rings


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