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Lisa Le Grove & Louise Adkins

'helpmehelpyou' the video - by Lisalouise


Semaphore texts signed in the performance


It is possible to change the world around us by changing ourselves.

We are not victims we are empowered.

To change your attitude is to change your life.

Embrace criticism.

Be a team player.

Make a new choice.

Trust, like faith uses the power of our minds to begin to unfold a situation in a positive manner.

There is no problem that trust cannot heal.

Do not deny your feelings.

Life is about happiness and healing.

Anger is a form of control.

Communication - The bridge of healing.

Sacrifice is a form of counterfeit bonding.
Sacrifice is the mistaken solution for the need for inclusion.
Sacrifice sets up fusion, which is a confusion of personality boundaries in collusion with another.

Fusion is a counterfeit union of love.

Feel the peace that comes to you as you reach your centre.

We only give the love we allow ourselves to receive.

We use others to people our conspiracy against ourselves.

On both sides of a conflict people are acting in opposite ways and feeling the same thing.

Expectations are hidden demands and block communicaiton.

To ask, invite or inspire others opens up the flow of life.

Expectations block communication.

Examine the 'should's' and 'need to's' you have in a conflict.
A willingness to forgive and to forgive another can release you.

Guilt is mearly a trap.

Acceptance heals conflict.

Our purpose awaits us.

Living ones purpose is leaping the abyss to love, and leaving the bridge for others to follow.

Judge Judgment.

Pay off guilt

Reap what you sow.

Competition is a form of delay.

Our relationships to others shows our self-concepts.

Any conflict is really a fear of having it all.

Happiness exists in the present moment, and in the very place where you are.

Sit quietly for a while, undistracted everyday.

Follow your breath

Getting what you want can make you happy,
knowing what you want can be hard,
What you really want is happiness itself.

All that arises ceases.

There is nothing for you to learn that your mind does not already know.
It knows how to be happy.
Like you it wants to be happy and calm.

Identify the sources of wisdom, joy and peace in your life.

Imagine approaching a well.

Be confident!
Believe in happiness.



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