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Lisa Le Grove & Louise Adkins

'helpmehelpyou' the video - by Lisalouise


Press Release - 30th November 2002 - immediate release



Hereford Salon, Notting Hill, London - Salon 30th November 2002
1st December - 30th December 12 am - 6 pm Sundays
or by appointment on +44 (0)20 7221 6482

Video clip 1 from 'helpmehelpyou' by Lisalouise"To be able to communicate with a person when out of speaking distance is an accomplishment which everyone should acquire", Brown's "vick" semaphore cards, Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd. Glasgow

'helpmehelpyou', a video piece, has been created from a previous live performance of semaphore signing streamed via the Internet from a coastal location in Scotland to a gallery space: The Arches in Glasgow. 'helpmehelpyou' utilises media streaming via the Internet to create a removed documentation of a live event. The subsequent video presents a snap shot of the event whilst communicating the same message and visual spectacle long after the moment has passed. The original performance maximised its audience by link two contrasting locations, a coastal landscape and a urban gallery space. Passers-by who unknowingly fell into the camera range at the source location became players in the live performance and subsequent video piece. In addition to this, the live performance could be viewed live on

Video clip 2 from 'helpmehelpyou' by LisalouiseThe messages signalled comprise platitudes and advice taken from a variety of self-help manuals that address the stresses and complexity of modern day living. This signalling system is known by very few and so these life affirming messages will almost certainly be read first and foremost as an intriguing visual spectacle. In this respect, the performance, relayed footage and resultant video could be read in a number of ways; as a comforting reminder that someone, somewhere cares or a hypnotic distraction from every day life.

Accompanying 'helpmehelpyou', Lisalouise will present a series of short video pieces, 'Trout Island', 'Skerrray beach?' & 'housing estate?'. These three video pieces depict quiet interventions into rural and urban environments. As with previous performances/video pieces Lisalouise create visual spectacle through chosen location, action and costume. These random narratives are suggestive of character and intention yet present no motivation a beginning, middle or end.

Video clip 3 from 'helpmehelpyou' by LisalouisePrevious performances/video pieces by Lisalouise have taken place in rural and urban landscapes and spaces including hotel lobbies, shop windows, remote islands, beaches and multi storey building rooftops. By sourcing already visually rich environments as a backdrop to perform within, Lisalouise act as interlopers; claiming and quietly subverting the selected environments.

'helpmehelpyou' is funded by Scottish Arts Council - cross collaboration arts fund, North West Arts Board, and supported by The Big Idea and My Beautiful TV.




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