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Megan Goltermann & Chris Nau

"Sculpture and Wall-Cut Drawing"
Megan and Chris are young Boston based artists who have collaborated on this site specific installation for salon. Both deal directly with the building itself. Chris Nau cuts into a wall surface to create drawings in space. Megan Goltermann's meticulously crafted wooden sculpture seem to pour into your mind's eye through time and space.


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The Wall Movie

The Wall Movie
© Lauren Bon 2002
(QuickTime® file 1.3 mb)

Inhabitat V, 2002 Movie

Inhabitat V, 2002 Movie
© Lauren Bon 2002
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'Untitled 1, 2002', Megan Goltermann 2002

'Untitled 1, 2002'
© Megan Goltermann 2002

'Untitled 2, 2002', Megan Goltermann 2002

'Untitled 2, 2002'
© Megan Goltermann 2002

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